Volunteer opportunities are so varied – we like to know what you want to do. Are you a behind the scenes kinda person, or love to be in front of the camera? Would you rather work on graphics and editing? Maybe you have some technical skills, computers, software, etc?

Maybe you want to do a show yourself. It is all about your story you want to tell.

Here’s a few examples of what is available:

Talk to the Mayor show – Camera operator – Show is generally on the first Monday of the month and held in the studio’s of NCTV. Crew call is 6pm, show starts at 7pm and goes to 8pm, and clean up for 15-20 minutes after the show is completed. 2.5 hours once a month.

Government shows – Town Council, Board of Education, Town Plan & Zoning, Town Hall Renovations. Camera operator / switcher – Crew call is generally 30-45 minutes before the meeting begins and lasts till 15 minutes after the end of the meeting. Time varies as it truly depends on how long the meeting lasts – often 1.5 hours to 3 hrs. We’d love to have a few more meetings covered. It is the only way the news gets out to the community. 1.0 – 3.0 per episode; possible 8 episodes a month. Signup for one to try it out!

Editing – taking raw footage and setting it up for a final show to be broadcasted. We edit on Adobe Premiere and have Mac Final Cut and CASTUS.

Graphics – prepare slides (we use Powerpoint) that run inbetween regularly scheduled programs. These slides are for events in town or informational slides from non-profit organizations. This is very intermittent work. We add them to our channels as we receive them.

Email us your questions – nctv@nctv.org


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