Community Calendar

  • Community Calendar
    Have an Event going on? Download the form and submit to NCTV and your program will show on both our channels in between programs.  You can submit your entry online at our website.

Election / Political Programing

  • Political Programming Access Rules – rev. 8-31-2017 Access rules regarding These policies provide for Channel access time to all candidates and their supporters on a first-come, first-served basis, and advanced notice to current Producers and Providers of non-political programming that there may be pre-emption of “regularly-scheduled” programming to accommodate such political programming.

Producing and Submitting Programs

  • Compliance Agreement
    Agreement between NCTV and the Applicant where Applicant requests or will request NCTV to assist in its production and/or telecasting, transmitting or displaying of such programming. Form 101
  • Production Crew Sheet
    Applicants, when using Form 111 or Form 112, must complete this form and submit with applicable form. Form 114
  • Talent / Guest Release Form
    Applicants/Producers must obtain release form(s) for all talent/guests in a production. Have forms completed and turned in to NCTV. Form 113

Link to ADMIN forms

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