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Forms – Administration


Membership Related Forms

  • Membership Application
    NCTV Membership Application to use for New Members or Members updating their personal information. Form 100
  • Membership Status Change
    Members may use this form to change their status from Active to Leave of Absence or to resign from the organization. Form 102
  • Infraction Form
    To report infractions as outlined in the Public Access User’s Handbook, use this form. Form 103

Contributions / Fund Raising

  • Gift Acknowledgement Form
    Use this form, or similar form, that contains all this information upon receiving a gift. Form 122


  • Sales Tax Exemption on Purchases
    NCTV is exempt from paying sales tax in Connecticut. Use this form and the related Exemption Certificate (link provided) on all purchases of goods and services. Form 120
  • Purchase Order
    Use this form to obtain quotes and approvals before ordering goods or services. Purchases need to be authorized. Once received, forward to the Treasurer so payment may be made. Form 121


  • Studio Modification Request Form
    Any member can request a change / improvement to the studio. All requests need to be filed using this form and submitted to the officers for approval. Form 131
  • Edit Log
    This is the form to use in the Edit room. Log in hours of editing for NCTV produced programs. Form 150
  • Sign-Out Log
    This is the form to use in the Storage/Equipment room. ALL equipment removed from the studio must be logged out and logged in. Form 151

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