Apply to Produce a Show

Welcome – let’s get started with producing your video. We look forward to answering any questions you may have and getting you started in television. If you are a seasoned producer, the forms below will assist in getting your video on air quickly. Just a beginner, then come by the studio at office hours, or our monthly meeting and talk with our members who can get you started right away.


  • Compliance Agreement
    Agreement between NCTV and the Applicant where Applicant requests or will request NCTV to assist in its production and/or telecasting, transmitting or displaying of such programming. Form 101
  • Production Crew Sheet
    Applicants, when using Form 111 or Form 112, must complete this form and submit with applicable form. Form 114
  • Talent / Guest Release Form
    Applicants/Producers must obtain release form(s) for all talent/guests in a production. Have forms completed and turned in to NCTV. Form 113

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